high-end Al or low-end carbon?

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  1. Hi all,

    I started riding roadbikes 2 years ago, after 20 yrs of nordic skiing
    and racing. Back then I got myself a Felt F70 for $1K and, as I was
    learning, ended up ugrading it (all 105) with Ultegra-Dura Ace and
    Ksyrium SSC SLs. I am 175 lbs and 6", and I like mashing gears going
    uphill, so I appreciated the stiff ride of the Ksyriums and of the Al
    frame. I was happy with my old good Felt F70.

    The F70 got stolen last week and I am on the market again. I am looking
    for a stiff frame which would preferentially have a lifetime warranty,
    with at least a full ULtegra. 9 speed components are fine. Ti is not an
    option, tried it, too soft. So I figured I would stick with Felts. I am
    trying to fit into the 2K range. Felts come in Aluminum up to F55
    ($1.7K) and then become carbon at F4C. So the question is - what's
    better, a low-end carbon frame, or high-end Al frame? Better means
    stiff and break-resistant. I Don't care about weight. BTW what is
    low-end carbon frame? Felt says F4C is 3 layer carbon while higher end
    felts are 2 layer carbon. Is that all the difference?

    These are the specs for F4C. http://www.feltracing.com/06/06_bikes/f4c/
    WHeels suck, the rest looks fine, except that carbon frame which I
    know nothing about.

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    I hear Bianchis are good...