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    On 2006-01-06, Marty (aka Bruce)
    was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
    > geoffs wrote:
    >> ghostgum Wrote:
    >>>It appears you can now get a 7W LED flashlight

    >> I am impressed with the output of this, 200 lumens vs the 120 lumen
    >> output of the 5w Luxeon. Strange that Luxeon dont have it listed on
    >> their website.
    >> I think I'll stick to the 21W HID Stadium III which uses this 'globe'
    >> (http://tinyurl.com/8qfyh) for the 1850 lumen output. LED's seem to be
    >> great for being seen but it's good to see where you are going.
    >> Geoff

    > My guess is that it's an overdriven 5 watt one and they've just
    > multiplied up the Lumens and then added a bit to say theirs is the
    > brightest in the world. I'd be skeptical of the claims unless I saw more
    > supporting evidence of their measurements.

    And it's not like luxeons have a large MTBF anyway. Overvolting them
    is a good way to bring that down further.

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    On 2006-01-08, geoffs (aka Bruce)
    was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
    > We do have an LED as a backup for when I've forgotten to charge the
    > battery. One thing that I have noticed though is that cars are much
    > more prone top pulling out in front of when using the LED than the HID.
    > With the LED car drivers know that it is a bike approaching whereas with
    > the HID they must think its a motorbike and just wait until we are past.
    > Anyone else with this experience or is it just us?

    Yep. I don't think I've ever had a driver pull out in front of me at
    night with my halogens -- even the 5Wer. And distances far greater
    than I can get away with in the daytime.

    That's not what I had with all my LED torches.

    > The 21w HID globe is only rated at 350hrs MTBF on the Welch Allyn site.
    > The 10w has a 1000hr rating.
    > So I had better start saving up for the $239USD for a new globe.
    > Bugger!

    350hrs is not too bad. That's 2 years of commuting for me. It's not
    as terrible as my halogen globes, but then again, my halogens are a
    tenth the cost. OK, so HIDs do suck :)

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