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Feb 7, 2017
Hello all,

My name is Will Navin and I'm a senior in high school. In my engineering class, we are working to develop technology that will help reduce the number of cyclist accidents. We have decided to pursue a web-app approach, and we would love to get some feedback on possible features.

Below is a link to a poll with several of our ideas. Please rank them based off of safety and appeal, we want to create something that cyclists actually want to use. Also, your comments, concerns, and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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Pretty much all that is currently available with a smart phone and/or a GPS cycling computer.
I think cycling does not need more safety, because this is the charming part of the sport.
Safety is very important GabyModa! What are people supposed to do if not be safe. I hope you're joking about not needing to be more safe.
The fact that you have items related to real life is good. As for me, practice is very important. The practice provides an opportunity to practice for future work. It's a shame that it is not possible to practice in quarantine conditions. Many students cannot learn even humanitarian subjects, so they use special professional services, that help students do their homework.
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