Hilarious Cyclist's Anthem-"The Bicycle Wreck" by Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

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    Aug 21, 2003
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    Listening to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night at work- I heard a hilarious cyclist anthem:

    The Bicycle Wreck (done to the tune of the Wreck of the Ole ’97) by the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band.

    A Youtube performance I located of an earlier performance by the band of the song at the Grand Ole Opry (date unknown)- The “Bicycle Wreck” is the third of three songs performed and they have Marty Stuart accompanying them on mandolin, starts about 6:20 into this 9:50 clip.

    The song is out on one of their CDs.

    The band’s myspace page:

    A Kennedy Center performance from March 2006 (I haven’t played this yet to see if the song Bicycle Wreck was performed):

    The band leader’s homepage:

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    meb wrote:
    > http://www.myspace.com/thetennesseemafiajugband

    Thanks, meb, I loved that. "I was punctured to death by the spokes."
    Reminds me of a famous Australian song, "The fatal wedding", which I
    heard for the first time as I was driving some Australian friends
    between Adelaide and Darwin and then back. I averaged over the ton all
    the way there and back. You can understand why they chose that
    particular song when you a) look at a map and discover the distance,
    b) are told the song has a 110 stanzas c) hear that one of the lines
    runs "The hearse overturned at the crossroads" and d) grasp that we
    left in the afternoon from the tennis club where I had been drinking
    Gin Collins between sets since ten o'clock that morning. The car was a
    Ford GTHO which was the company car of an employee of one of my
    passengers. The GTHO was an Australian factory hotrod made by stuffing
    a small block V8 into a lightweight Falcon body-chassis unit fitted
    with police special order brakes and breathing on the suspension and
    engine; at the time it was the fastest four-door saloon in the world,
    faster for instance throughout its range than my Porsche. When I
    returned that GTHO to its keeper it was only fit for giving back to
    the leasing company: "It was steaming from the stitches in the
    upholstery," one of the passengers said later in the pub in recounting
    this epic journey to those not privileged to have taken part. Of
    course, there were no cyclists on the Highway of Death, as it is
    locally called; just monstrous trailer trains, huge trucks pulling up
    to ten long trailers, travelling at 90-100mph, hidden in the dust --
    did I mention yet that large parts of the road is just graded dirt? --
    so that you can't see what's coming from the front to splat you.
    "Punctured to death by the spokes" is starting to sound like an
    attractive alternative...

    Andre Jute
    Yall din' know ah was a redneck just like yall, dinya?
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    Aug 21, 2003
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    The song "Bicycle Wreck" occurs at min 36 of the 1 hour Kennedy Center Millenium Stage performance.

    Ironic thing is, when they played that song at the Kennedy Centery, I was still in a sling from a fall about 4 miles downstream from there

    "when the chain on my bicycle broke"

    along the Mount Vernon Trail (broken collar bone).