hilarious professors logic ala Moosh



I just ran into this wild and crazy quote in this article. Moosh would be proud of this professor
and nutritionist.



"Linda Bobroff is among those who urge caution. Bobroff is a professor and nutritionist with the
department of family, youth and community sciences in UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural


here is the entertaining quote:

With any weight-loss plan, calories still count, Bobroff points out. Protein and fat still
have calories.

"Our bodies are different in how we burn calories, but if we take in more than we are burning, we
are going to gain weight," she warned. "You can't look at it as a simple formula."



How are our bodies different in how we burn calories? Moosh insists that proteins and carbs are 4
cal/gram and fat is 9 cal/gram in all cases and to suggest otherwise is to suggest calorie
disappearance and to challenge the very foundation of the laws of energy. All textbooks insist that
this is how we burn calories, yet this professor insists that we all burn calories differently.
Which is it Moosh? Do we all burn calories the same or not?

And it *is* a simple formula; proteins and carbs are 4 cal/gram and fats are 9 cal/gram, eat more
calories and you gain weight, eat less calories and you lose weight. How can we not look at this as
a simple formula? The only thing that isn't simple about it is the prodigiously complex and varied
explanations offered up to explain away why it doesn't work in most cases.