Hill training on trainer at home.

Cannondale evo

New Member
Aug 7, 2011
Recently I set up my 122 gear inches(54/12) fixie on my trainer at home for winter strictly want to train hill repeats or hill training. I warm up 15 min. on level 1 then "stand up"(off saddle) and pedal for 3 min.on "level 6" and take one min. break. I do 10 sets(10 hill repeats) a day. Five days a week. Does anyone know this method will help me build up more strength for hill climbing ???
i wouldn't be doing too much anaerobic training during the winter, but then again that depends on what your last season was like, maybe you didn't train or race that much so you are feeling fresh and motivated, even if we were talking about pre season and spring training you wouldn't normally do 5 days straight hill repetitions. Lets assume you do them, then it would be like a recreation of a small stage race so you would take your active rest after those five days. You need to add longer intervals too, like 10 to 20 minutes at anaerobic threshold to become a better hill climber,