Hitch Koolstop Wilderbeast to racing bike

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Hai Everyone,

I purchased last week a Kool-Stop Wilderbeast, to make a trip in Juli from Amsterdam to Marseille.
(1500 km) Thought I could easily mount/hitch it to a racing-bike. But the hitch system does not fit
on either of my 6 race-bikes, so I think it is a problem for most racing-bikes!

The problem is that the drop-outs on my bikes (and all the racing bikes I know of) are opening-faced
to the front. And the aluminium-block to tighten with the quick-release are build to fit on
down-faced dropouts. ( I hope you'll understand this).

The alternative, using a plastic black hitch clamp, is also impossible to use on racing bikes. The
clamp must be installed on the rear-fork post, but on that position, all my racing-bikes have
rear-derailleur cables and nocks on the posting, so it is impossible to put clamps on it.

Is there any hitch system available for racing-bikes or should I return the Wilderbeast to the shop,
and look for another trailer???

Please advice, next week we want to test-trip around the IJsselmeer in Holland (400 km)

Marc Droog The Netherlands
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