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Mr [email protected] \ -Lsqco

There is loads of hysteria over guns as the moment. Ok in some urban areas its not suprising this
stuff goes on, and its unfortunate that innocent people get caught up in the crossfire, but places
like nightclubs have been getting shot up since I was born 30 years ago, drug dealers have *always*
shot at each other and the old bill and you can pass all the bloody laws you want and people will
still shoot each other if they are so inclined.

However, a few months ago there was a shooting near where I live. This is a relatively quiet
surburban outer part of Reading, where it turned out a *17* year old lad from London had gone to
someones house. An argument had ensued, in which the 17 year old produced a small-calibre pistol and
discharged it a number of times at another young person.

You will be pleased to know the perpetrator was caught and the victim did not suffer major injuries
- but what was the cause of this argument, which inspired a young man to try and end the life of
another with a deadly weapon?

A dispute over the price of a *car*.....

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