Holy Hell... I Like Bikes

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by LewisBricktop, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Alright. For the last two months I have removed almost every bike related thing, event, ritual from my life in order to focus on my senior year and just take a break in general. No bike at school, no dvd's, no anything except for checking cycling/velo/pezcycling news sites: and yes, that means no forums for a while either. I kept clean legs for a few weeks, but even that stopped............... until NOW

    I am shooting for early season races this year (march/april) so im initiating my pre-season wind up to get things going again. I never realized how much I needed a fucking bike to ride until I stopped reading for a few hours yesterday and popped down in front of the computer to get some hot metube-ing action on. 3-4 killer T Pain/Lil wayne vids later I started searching for Paris-Roubaix and Ronde VV clips. I spent about 4 hours doing that without realizing it. Yes, its time to hop on a two-wheeled stallion and get cruising. I suppose there's really no point to posting this, but its been too long since I've been able to talk about anything bike related and it just needed to happen. If you're reading this then you dont have anything better to do anyway. I would just like to welcome myself back.

    Giro = Basso
    Tour = ?
    Vuelta = who cares? no ones going to be there