Home birth 'as safe as hospital' says RCM - April 23, 2004

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  1. http://www.midirs.org/midirs/midweb1.nsf/Z45/8E8864C0AB39B8EB80256E7F003E7EFD

    With MD and MBs and hospital midwives closing birth canals
    more often than homebirth midwives...

    Homebirth may be safer!

    ATTENTION attorneys about to purchase birth
    illustrations/animations for courtroom use...

    Why not ask medical illustrators to place the following
    WARNING on existing woman-on-her-back birth illustrations:

    "This birth position closes the birth canal up to 30%."

    For further details - including how easy it is for women to
    allow their birth canals to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%...

    See Medical illustrators: Global effort for babies... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

    Thanks for reading.



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