Home Improvements - For Bikes!?

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by hippy, Aug 21, 2003.

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    > > One recently sold for about $900,000 in North Melbourne, near Errol

    > St. It
    > > had a huge open space about 40 metres by 50 metres. I had a few mates

    > living
    > > in it, and they would ride trikes around from one side to the other.

    > Winter
    > > was obviously a bitch there.
    > > That place would have been my dream home if I could have gotten my

    > hands on
    > > it. Now it's gonna be turned into yuppy townhouses, dammit.

    > I'll go you halvies in the next one that comes up for sale.. before
    > those
    > damn yuppies get hold of it!
    > I'm thinking of not having any heating and just having a few bikes
    > ready to ride around "the track". Get cold - ride a few laps! :)

    The way they dealt with the cold was to construct bedrooms out of cheap
    pine, mattresses, and any other material they could find, and heat them with
    small electric heaters. The 'lounge' room was much the same, with a few
    sheets acting as a door. This was located across the other side from the
    kitchen, and so one of the rickshaw trikes had a tray for carrying
    everything from one side to the other. The rickshaw tray was then used for
    the loungeroom table.

    The whole place ended up filled with bikes, motorbikes, bands, band
    equipment, and maladjusted artists that covered the walls in psychodelic
    scrawls. Also, they had an old mechanical pokie machine near the front door
    that took 10 cent pieces. This was a great novelty for anyone new that came
    into the place, and they just had to pump all their coins into it. The
    profits from this went a long way toward paying for the electricity bill
    (large). A good system!

    Pity the landlord's hip pocket was more important than the functional
    commune that had emerged.

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    > I was thinking right? (yes, THAT's what that noise was!)
    > With all that home improvement rubbish on TV, what
    > would cyclists do if they had to design a house, given
    > unlimited funds?

    As far as cycling goes, a nice place to store and work on them, a wash
    station, and 40 acres of private single-track and nice road riding from the
    front door.