Home Trainer problems



Any of you guys/gals have problems while trying to do standing sprints on your home trainer ? I have a TACX T1400/T1450 cycletrack model . Each time i want to do standing sprint the tyre seems to slip on the roller. I don't have any problem while doing the sitting sprint.

How do I fix that ? Please help !!
This problem happens with all trainers as soon as you produce too much power. There isn't enough friction between your wheel and your roller and as a result when you stand up and produce more power in your sprint the wheel slips.

All you need to do is increase the friction at the wheel and roller by letting some air out of your tyres or increasing the force with which your wheel and roller are pulled together. I used the second method using a wooden wedge to force the roller onto the wheel first and after that I used 'bungie ropes' (elastic rope) to pull the roller onto the wheel. Bungie worked best. Alternativly start your sprints with your wheel already moving (ie in an easy and then hard gear).