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With all the rainy days, I haven't been able to do my usual road training. I have done the same things that I was supposed to do, on the home trainer for the same amount of time and the same commitment . I feel quite paranoid about it. How do you guys compare road training to home trainer training. Is it the same type of training ? Please help !!
I do 4x15 minute intervals at my AT twice a week (tuesday and thursday)
Indoor traininers are awesome for intervals ;D

I'm not the biggest fan of my trainer. I agree with Steve that they are awesome for interval training as you can monitor your heart rate and your training "terrain" is consistent, so you can do a very structured program.
That is part of the problem for me. I struggle to keep motivated to get my heart rate up. One of my interval training programs requires me to get my HR upto 70% for three minutes. I find it difficult to get it upto 70%. (Once I get it there it's a walk in the part to keep it up. You must imagine how tough it gets when I want to go to 80% and higher.
I actually prefer to do my intervals during a spinning class. At risk of being non-conformist, I sorta do my own thing during the spinning class. Although I know that my HR is increased due to heat and ventilation. It's nice looking at the girls though so it gets my mind off staying in one place. :D ;D
Having recently purchased a new cateye indoor trainer i found myself asking the same questions. But my questions were answered after a number of weeks on the trainer. I found i was able to monitor my intensity, power and speed and after several weeks I referred back to my cycling log to see a vast improvement. I have a strong interest in power and speed drills and i consider the trainer an excellent tool to achieve this as opposed to performing them on the road which can often be difficult due to traffic, intersections, lights and so forth.

I say thumbs up to the indoor trainer.

I just bought a Minoura Magtrainer. I now sit in front of the TV dripping sweat on the carper watching Egoli. I get home late in the evenings and leave early in the morning (the dreaded Ben Schoeman!!!!!) I put in a 2 hour session the other night and loved it. I made a "drip tray" with an old towel to protect my bike. Even my wife knows how to set up this machine.

My only concern is what effect will the stiffness of the trainer have on my frame. I ride a Trek 7200 Hybrid. We tried the tandem but flex was almost alarming here. I think the leverage and momentum is just too much.

Keep those wheels spinning (even if its in fornt of the TV!!!!)

Big H
I'm fortunate enough to have stayed disciplined so far so that we still train in the mornings before work. I only use my indoor trainer on my rest days anyway (at the moment, but let's see when there is frost in the garden. :eek: )

Egoli huh?? ;D hehehe

Good to see that the trainers aren't just becoming dust traps. Pity they chew tires. By the way, what do you do to combat this. I use Conti Grand Prix 3000s on my one set of rims and Conti 1000s on the other. Both tyres are too expensive to waste on an indoor trainer. Do you change your tyres or do you bite the bullet?
I have retired an old bike to the 'turbo', set up some big fans and a TV at eye level. I turn the TV off and put music on during efforts. As for tyres I have some Axial Pro Lights, but I've given up on them!
Thats a great idea, if you have a spare bike. I have an old Alpina that my brother has but doesn't use. Only problem is the frame is way too big for me. I think I'll just put a really cheap tyre on the training rims and use the Ksyriums on the bike. Not ideal, but when it gets too cold to ride outside I won't need the traiing wheels that much as I usually ride with the Ksyriums on the weekends anyway.
(Can't help myself, I just love the feel of the bike with them on) ;D ;D ;D
So do we think that riding on the indoor trainer may in fact cause significant damage or additional stress to our bikes? In my situation I use my good roadbike on the indoor trainer and the last thing I need is damage to my bike. Your thoughts lads?

Good point Dave. I would imagine that you would place additional stress on the frame especially when standing. I wonder whether this may actually fatigue the frame. :-/ ::)
I've never had a problem with this or at least I have not suffered the symptoms of fatigue in the frame/bike. I haven't heard of it either, has anyone else had a problem?