Homebuilt trike updates and LWB



Further work on my "Winter Anti-Insanity Projects".

I finally got around to taking photos of the "Psycledelic" trike changes I've made: Organic Engines
mesh seat and mid-drive with derailleur and integral suspension pivot, and rear parking brake. Had I
intended to do it that way from the start, less tubing would be involved. Also, put a scooter wheel
at the front to prevent grinding the crank into the pavement under hard braking. Soon I will
sandblast the frame and decide whether I want to powder coat or canned spray paint. I prefer the
former, but would rather pay for the latter! http://pictures.care2.com/view/1/934061387

Also, pictures of a homebuilt LWB w/USS I built for/with a neighbor boy. He really got involved,
doing some of the brazing, grinding, design, etc. It appears that his step-father will not let him
keep it. Apparently, he'd rather the boy do crystal-meth & video games than do something
constructive with his brain/time. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to be parents. Anyway, we
used a girls 10 spd I obtained cheap, and some 4130 tubing, as well as a mesh seat I had previously
made with conduit. His budget was quite low you see. It rides surprisingly well, although the seat
is a bit higher than I'd like. It aches for some nice components.

Enjoy, Rorschandt