Honey Chiles Soulful Green Beans

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    Honey Chiles Soulful Green Beans

    4-6 servings

    2 lbs fresh Green Beans - Washed, Strung and Snapped into neat pieces
    3 cups of cold fresh water
    1-2 Garlic Bulbs, Smashed
    1-2 Cayenne Peppers whole with stem intact
    1/2 Cup Sliced Yellow Onion
    2 teaspoon Sea Salt - or Iodized Salt
    1 Tablespoon Wrights Liquid Smoke Flavoring
    2-4 pieces of Smoked Turkey Hock or Wing Section

    To a 4 qt boiler with lid, add water, garlic, pepper, salt, onion, smoke
    flavoring, and turkey pieces. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and
    allow to simmer 20 mins on low heat, into a healthy soulful broth. *stir
    often. To this broth, you add the Green Beans and stir well. cover and
    keep heat on low, continue to cook for 15-20 mins more or until beans are
    just done and crunchy. before serving remove whole pepper.

    Serve with Sliced Marinated Cucumber and Tomato Slices, and Boiled Corn.
    This is a staple at my house, as it was when I was growing up, since we
    didn't eat pork in our home, but didn't want to sacrifice the delicious
    soulful flavor.

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