hook turns at roundabouts



"Peter Signorini" <[email protected]> wrote in
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> Once you're on a roundabout, behaving as a vehicle, which is what the
> law recognises cyclists as, other vehicles must give way to you.
> Period.

The point I'm trying to make Peter is that this is not strictly true.
The reason I mentioned s.253 is that it appears to apply regardless of
other rules (it is in a separate division with the title "Additional
Rules for Cyclists").

What that means is that you need to apply all of the other rules but if
you cause a traffic hazard in doing so you will be at fault. That seems
very harsh but it basically means it is your duty to avoid an accident
(which kind of makes sense).

I don't know of the law being applied and I would probably try to defend
against it's application on the basis that it was contradictory and
without clear purpose but it is still there.



Peter McCallum

Peter Signorini <[email protected]> wrote:
> You only have to give way if changing lanes or if you
> are on a bike going past the straight through course.

Suppose you cycling straight through a large multi-laned roundabout in
the left lane and a car is travelling perpendicular to you (crossing
from your right to left) in the centre lane.

Normally the rules would be clear, the vehicle that enters the
roundabout first has right of way. But the rule that says that cyclists
have to give way to vehicles exiting the roundabout demands that you
give way to the car, even if you are clearly the first vehicle in the

This conflict puts cyclists in a difficult situation legally. I think
the hook turn option should be removed from the law and the law should
apply equally to all roundabout users.

Peter McCallum


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Jun 15, 2004
BrettS said:
I would have thought it would be better to claim the left lane by riding in the
RH wheel track, preventing any cars overtaking you within the lane.


I've ended up almost doing that on a T-junction/roundabout.
Left lane = straight through, middle lane = straight through/left lane of roundabout, right lane only starts ON the roundabout.

Riding the RH edge of the middle lane then the LHS of the actual roundabout works the best. It also gives the motors the most options. I AM riding as far left as I feel is safe. Come to think of it, the only way to give way to a left turning motor behind you is to give them the space to your LEFT.

I only do this if I don't have a pack behind me so I can at least get established.
Otherwise, its legally onto the footpath(ACT) and cross directly over to the roundabout proper - a hook turn?