Hoons in car ads banned?

Discussion in 'Commuting and Road Safety' started by Guest, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Does anyone have more info on this:


    Such legislation is already in place in the UK, and I don't see what harm it would do out here.

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    I agree it wouldnt do much harm, but it also wouldnt do much good.
    The same idiots will still be idiots weather theres an ad showing someone driving their corolla fast or not.

    I think decent laws are where they should be starting;

    1) jail for repete drink drivers (action off their cars and give the proceds to rehab programs)
    2) jail for people who drive while on drugs
    3) jail for fuckers who are reckless and kill or cause seriouse injury
    4) crack down on unroadworthy cars
    5) up the speed limit to 130 - 140kph on freeways
    6) Change current 100kph limits back to 90kph
    7) change current 50kph limits to 40 and current 60kph limits to 50

    In australia we drive way to slow on freeways/motorways and way way way to fast in towns/cities and country roads which are no better than cattle tracks.

    The GOV is gonna ban ad's, all this does is give the impression they're actually doing something that will justify their existence.
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    Chris does it bother you that people who are too stupid to distinguish between the fantasy of an advertisement, and real life.......are on the roads?

    You'd think this is a bigger issue than someone doing 'circle work' in their ute out in the desert on a TV ad, wouldnt you?

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    I agree. However, the Gov has shown they don't really have any intention of tackling that problem with the obvious solution, otherwise they would have done so by now. I do think this might make a difference, however. After all, if they don't see the fantasy in the ads...

    Well, it's just a thought.
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    Did you see the 'Just Jeans' ad where a guy and a chick dig up a grave and steel the jeans off the dead bodies?

    god knows what the do gooders will say about this one ;D