Horrible Grinding from crank


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Jun 21, 2012
Hi guys and gals, i seem to have a problem with my road bike at the moment, while riding my bike every now and again there seems to be a horrible grinding feeling followed by a slight gear slip causing me to almost come off the bike if i am standing up, i have checked the bolts to make sure everything is tight and as it should be but it is still there, does anyone know the cause of this?


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Sep 12, 2005
Grinding? Worn bearings? With the chain removed from the chainrings, the crank should spin smoothly, freely and with no noise. Lack of lubrication to the bottom bracket bearings?

A slipping chain may be caused by a tight chain link(s) or poor derailleur adjustment or alignment. It may also be from worn gear teeth or a worn/stretched chain.

Clean, lubricate and adjust. Inspect for parts in need of replacement. If you can not perform the maintenance yourself, any local bike shop can assist you.