Horse Creek Inn, TransAmerica Trail, MO

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    Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to stop in and say hello, I'm glad I found this site. It was recommended to me by one of the many cyclists coming through our doors on the TransAm here in Houston, Missouri.

    My husband Pony and I are long time long distance hikers, we've been working on completing the AT for several years now, and last year I set off on a solo thru hike, only to end up injureda bout 120 miles into the trip.

    What does this have to do with biking? Well, if were not for that injury I would not have found myself in a postition to buy the Houston Motel, which is now the Horse Creek Inn. We had no idea about the Trail, but have some friends who have cicyled cross country several years in a row. One day a biker showed up from France, and informed us that we were on the TransAmerica trail.

    WOW! We were so exited - we had tossed around the idea of buying a hostel for hikers on the A.T. but the property never became availabe right on trail - so we were just thrilled to find out that we could be trail angels to 'hikers on wheels'!

    Now, we have been inspired. I bought a bike, and a little trailer that I shop around town with - as well as park out front so cyclists know where to go at the end of their day ( or middle) for a free cold beer or water, free camping, or a deep discounted room where bikes are welcome and cleaning rags complimentary!

    We feel so blessed and have decided that we want to bike cross country ourselves instead of hike for a month - realizing this will take more than a month, we figured we'd head out toward the E. Coast one year, and the West coast the next.

    I am constantly amazed at the people and stories that pass through the lobby - from serious racing folks who are heading on a fast journey just stopping in for cold water and to fill their bottles 'just-off-the-couch" newbies who are arriving from San Francisco heading east for VA - biking for a great cause.

    We'd like to entertain the possibility of finding a bike tech who wants a fplace to set up shop for a few months next year since we are in a 200+ mile strech with no bike shop/services for cyclists.

    I'm looking forward to reading more on here, and asking questions of bikers that come through so we can get the gear we need to head out- possibly next year for a month long ride.

    Have a great day, and next time your biking hope the wind is at your back.

    Andrea PB Morrell
    Horse Creek Inn, Houston MO

    P.S. - Does anybody know the name of the hotel for sale (empty now I think) between Rico/Dolores, CO and Telluride on the TransAmerica Trail? It's not in a town, but across from a convenience store I believe. If you know, please email us :)