hot rod freewheel/sun race


- Bob -

On 18 Mar 2007 23:21:20 -0700, "Ernie" <[email protected]> wrote:

>They look at my 42 small ring and go "OMG!" It's
>hard to explain to them it's just the way it used to be.

Yeah, I hear you. I actually prefer a 40 because it lets me run a
13-24 7 speed in the rear and keep the jumps smaller while still
having a reasonably low hill gear. But, the 42's are much more common
and for Campy... well...

I was stopped at a crossing with a guy one day on a newer bike. He
looked at my bike and said "Don't tell me those are downtube
shifters?". Then he took a closer look at the tubie under the rear
seat and his jaw just sort of dropped.