How Can I Find a Hybrid/Trainer Bike ?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Magnusfarce, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I've ridden off and on for years and need to switch from my trusty road bike
    to something more upright. The reason is due to excessive wear and tear on
    my neck. I can't tolerate the "head up" position any more, although a more
    upright position isn't much of a problem. I've satisfied myself that this
    is the case by modifying my old Trek road bike stem set with one of those
    adjustable stems so that I can sit much more upright. However, for various
    reasons, this isn't a good long term solution. I've decided to hang up my
    road bike and get a hybrid, crosstrainer, or whatever they're called.

    I've never owned anything but a road bike so I am woefully ignorant of all
    the versions and the different names given to them. In order to keep costs
    down, I would like to find a quality used bike and rebuild it, probably with
    a few upgrades along the way. Realistically, I am limited to one or two
    hour workout (i.e., hill) rides, so efficiency, weight, handling, etc.
    should not be big issues, but I still want a reasonably solid bike under me
    that has quality componentry. If I were shopping for a new bike, I would be
    looking in the $600 to $1000 range, no suspension (or at least no rear
    suspension), etc. I'm a big guy so I want a very sturdy frame.

    Finally, my question:

    How can I identify the several-year old models that would be suitable for
    me? For instance, I saw a new Marin Bear Valley bike at a local store that
    seemed reasonable, but their website doesn't allow me to scope out
    equivalent models from a few years ago. I guess what I would like to see is
    a short list of candidate bikes from a few major manufacturers so that I
    will know what to look for on-line, in print ads, etc. Any help would be

    - Magnusfarce