how can I stay in shape with achilles tendonitis?


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Jun 18, 2006
I have been riding about five days a week 20-30 miles on a felt s32 triathlon bike for the past two years. I decided to sell it and get a specialized allez elite to concentrate on more hill riding. I have had the bike for about 2 weeks and I have ridden it about 4 times. I just found out that I have achilles tedonitis and I have found and heard mixed info on what I should do next. Can I continue to cycle or should I stop completely? Some websites say cycling is good rehab. Also I know that the bike shop fit my seat a litte on the high side because of past knee issues and IT band tightness. I have found online that achilles tendonitis occurs in cyclists when the seat is too low. However my seat is on the high side. Although some people say that toeing off can cause achilles tendonitis as well. I am considering taking the bike back and having them adjust it for me so that when I am able to ride again this does not happen twice. Does anyone know what I should try adjusting first, what steps I take to rehab my leg, and how long it will take? Also what types of exercises should I do to stay in shape?
I had a touch of this about a year ago,
I gather there's different grades of injury.. mine was quite minor thankfully. It was incured while overdoing out of saddle uphill sprints in too high a gear. (asking for it really).

I stopped using the joint for 2-3 looong weeks (i.e. only did upperbody weights, & leg extensions/hamstring curls and adjusted diet accordingly), then returned to cycling using heal push only on platform pedals for subsequent weeks.(i.e. still avoiding using the joint).
I think crosstrainers were ok. I taped the thing up, probably had psychosomatic value more than anything else.. it's nice to feel you can actively do something about an injury other than just rest...

I gather strengthening the tendons with calf raises is considered a preventative measure.. but i'm pretty sure it would be a bad idea to do those while the tendon is inflamed.

I'm mindfull of it not wanting to re-aggrivate it.. it's another reason torunning (i had plantar fascitis too and some other knee strain) and religiously keep cadence high. No 'stomps', no 'mashing'.

Damn the fragility of the human body..

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