How can tires ride "harsh"? (Repost, looking for actual answers)

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by George Herbert Walker, Aug 12, 2004.

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    >Why are you re-posting this

    Read the subject line, genius.

    >two weeks (or more) after the first time?

    Because my Secret Service boys tell me that a person who can actually
    answer the actual question is back from vacation. The rest of this NG seems
    pretty ignorant about this subject. Although, there are one or two people
    who know something about grammar.

    >"ain't no mo' funnier

    It isn't supposed to be funny. On the other hand, you mistakenly thought
    you were funny last time, but have proved yourself even more useless this
    time. Same goes for the rest of the jerks filling up the thread with
    anything except answers to the question.


    Please excuse the inconvenience allegedly caused by our son. Send
    us the bill for all the damages, and we can settle this to your
    satisfaction, without any need for a public record of the incident.

    Most Sincerely, George and Bar

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