How dangerous is road cycling, for real?

Road biking is considerably dangerous compared to other biking.

I found true mountain biking in western NC to be more dangerous. Weekly, and I mean weekly, there were cyclist being taken to the local hospitals and sometimes airlifted due to severe injuries as a result of crashes. Those trails were extreme single track with little room for error on the part of a cyclist. Hitting a tree at 25 mph downhill is not fun. Yes, road cycling has it’s inherent dangers and all but I find I hear or see less incidents there than mountain biking.

One of my worse wrecks was at Turkey pen in western NC on my mountain bike. The bad thing is, you are way out in the forest and sometimes alone and when you wreck, you may lay there until someone stumbles upon you or the black bear foraging for berries!

Now compared to frisbee golf, I would agree it is more dangerous.....LOL
I will agree with mountain biking being more dangerous. I've ridden on roads, day time and night time without incident for 35 years.

I rode mountain bikes for a period of 5 years maybe, on a regular basis. Flying down a trail at 35 mph doing and end over end, getting body slammed to the ground on red clay hard pack type surface, my helmet was cracked from back to front. A second time at about 25 mph in a turn, I crashed separating my shoulder being forced off the bike for nearly 2 months.

I agree with mountain biking being more dangerous.

Well, once I did take a turn at 25 when my rear tire blew out on the road. But I was able to keep upright and luckily the drivers were paying attention coming to a complete stop so that I could save myself. Just a taco rear wheel damage, but only a bruise on the back of my leg getting whacked by the pedal during a fishtail. :D
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