How do i put videos into my gallery?

Discussion in '' started by Radical Reed, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Radical Reed

    Radical Reed Guest

    I figured out pictures but when ever i put vids in it just show the
    first frame of the movie.
    thanx in advance

    Radical Reed

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    'dead end' (C:\Documents and Settings\Main User\My Documents\My
    Pictures\deasd end.bmp)
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  2. harper

    harper Guest

    My videos show the first frame in the gallery also. If I click the video
    it goes to a page with a symbol that says "click here to get the
    plugin" which I ignore. There is a link that says "Download movie" off
    the lower right hand corner of the blank frame. If I click this link,
    it downloads the movie to the temp folder and starts it automatically.
    I'm using Netscape 7.x and the movie I checked was in .mpeg format. Do
    you see anything similar?


    -Greg Harper

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  3. chosen

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