How do I remove this Stem extension? please help


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Jun 11, 2011
I have a masi gran corsa year 1994 or 95 I believe, was a hand me down from my father, thank you dad. He had a extension put on so that the handlebar height would be heigher which I think is the stem height.. I have my front end taken apart and the extension is still very intact and I'm puzzled and cannot go any further with out help.

My name is Jon can anyone help with removing the handlebar extension?
Post a few pics and I'm sure we can help. Google has the Grand Corsa available as both aheadset and threaded, and the fix depends on which one you have.
hey thank you for replying, i gave up on my own turf and took it to a mechanic and he grabbed a long alan wrench and unscrewed a screw that was out of reach from what i have in the garage... it took him two seconds, no charge, I put it back together myself!