How do I stop my rim brakes making a squeaking/squealing sound?


Oct 10, 2014
I bought a Schwinn Frontier Sport few months ago and started riding happily. After a few weeks my front rim brakes started creaking. It's so annoying in public places. My rear brake doesn't produce any sound but isn't as powerful as the front brake.

The retailer says cleaning would solve the front brake's issues and I got it cleaned, but nothing changed. Is there something I can do something myself to fix this?

Thank You


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Sep 12, 2005
Clean the rims and pads, again, with soap and water. Make certain all the mounting hardware, pivot joint and brake pad holders are secure, tight and do not have excessive play or shake in them. Lubricate and adjust the pivot points as required.

Then toe the fronts of the pads in just a that they contact the rim's surface first. 1/64" (.016" or so) is usually enough to cure harmonic squeals.

Some brakes have pads that the toe-in can be adjusted by loosening the brake pad holder and re-tightening the bolt or nut while a shim keeps the rear edge of the pad spaced away from the rim.

Some generic brake service tips here:

Less expensive brakes may require cold-setting/bending the individual brake arms using an adjustable wrench as a lever. Easy does it...a little twist is all that is required in most cases.