How do you fix a puncture on tubeless tires?


Oct 10, 2014
I recently got a new bike with a set of tubeless compatible rims. The stock tires are clinchers with tubes. I'm thinking about putting tubeless on there, but I don't have any experience with them. We have some trees here that drop huge thorns, like nails. They're big enough to go through any tire. When I get the eventual flat, how do I fix the tire? Are there patches? Can you just stick a tube in there?
The road- or trailside fix is to put a tube in there.
The "at home" fix is to patch it.
Haven't had to try it myself.
Usually, tubeless tires are run together with some sealant, which does a pretty good job by itself.
But if need be, people patch tires with the same prepwork, same patches and the sam vulcanizing compound as used for tubes.

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