How do you know if someone is a unicyclist?

Discussion in ' archive' started by Unicus, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Unicus

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    How do you know if someone is a unicyclist? I think I’m
    right in saying that it’s not an everyday thing to come
    across another unicyclist by chance. Normally the only way
    to know if someone is a unicyclist is to see them riding but
    how do we know the people we meet everyday aren’t

    This came to my attention today as my son, who has a
    disability, was having a mobile arm support fitted to his
    wheelchair. In the process of routing the inevitable cables
    I happened to mention to the person fitting it I was trying
    to find the best route for the brake pipe on my unicycle. Up
    to this point, where he’d been working on fitting the mobile
    arm support for 2 hours, I had in no way suspected he was a
    unicyclist but he was.

    After he had said he unicycled with a tone that said ‘wow
    another unicyclist’ the conversation changed somewhat to be
    more relaxed. Unfortunately he had to dash off but had
    enough time to see my unicycles and have a quick ride.

    But how do we know if the person we're talking to is a
    unicyclist? Just slip unicycling into the conversation
    somewhere :) There’s nothing like a chance meeting with
    another unicyclist to cheer the day up.

    Now back to the grindstone.

    Cheers, Gary


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  2. Johnfoss

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    Hand them a unicycle. The non-unicyclist who claims to be
    one will show up real fast. Pretty much as soon as they put
    a foot on the forward pedal to mount, you know who's
    pulling your leg.

    Unless they haven't ridden for many years. Then it's okay if
    they need a minute to remember...

    Otherwise, unicyclist detection is as easy as you want it to
    be. How about "Hey, can you ride a unicycle?" :)

    Or you can wear unicycle T-shirts, have a license plate on
    your car that says "UNICYCL" (depending where you live), or
    stickers on the car to indicate your passtime. This has
    often generated conversations for me, including meeting lots
    of people who learned from Bill Jenack when I lived on Long
    Island. At that time, my license plate read "UN1CYCLE".

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  3. Sarah.Miller

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    unicus wrote:
    > *How do you know if someone is a unicyclist? *

    Check out their legs for shindentations and bruises. Only
    when I'm at uni meets and events do I meet people with as
    many bruises and scars as I have. Other clues
    - laces tucked in. -They don't do a double take whan you
    say you went for unicycle ride/play unicycle hockey (
    or similar).
    - odder than normal tan lines, white hands above the
    wrist and tanned arms is a sign that they are a
    wristguard wearer.


    Of course these clues are not infalible. Some cyclists tuck
    in laces , some people don't listen very hard and
    wristguards or splints are worn by non unicyclsts too.

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  4. Daino149

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    Check out their nalgene. If it looks like this:


    They are probably a unicyclist.

    PS. Tommy, as you can see my stickers came in! Hope you got
    my check reached you by now.

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  5. Unicycleboy

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    before Buc 11 I said to Paddy that im a unicyclist and not a
    juggler and he said whats the differnce? I couldnt really
    explain it to him but when he got thier he noticed a few
    things like.

    Unicyclists getting up earlyier than Jugglers. Unicyclists
    dont drink so much or none at all for riding. Unicyclists
    cant juggle :p only kidding ;)


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  6. Mucrider

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    Look for a callus on the palm of their right hand (if they
    are right-handed).

    I have developed a callus on my right hand about an inch
    down from my middle and ring fingers. It was not there
    before I started riding. I figure this is from catching the
    seat as I dismount (fall off?).


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  7. Unicycleboy

    Unicycleboy Guest

    I find it quite funny at college, The arielists all have big
    bruises on certian parts of thier body from things like
    catchs and drops to certian places.

    I noticed the other day that I have several scars on my
    shoulders, anyone else have these?


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    ok maybe a bit of a juggler.
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  8. Sarah.Miller

    Sarah.Miller Guest

    unicycleboy wrote:
    > * Unicyclists getting up earlyier than Jugglers.
    > Unicyclists dont drink so much or none at all for
    > riding. Trev *

    Very True. I've notied that too. In the UK its gone more
    that way over the last few years, I think its the sport side
    of unicycling coming to the fore. That and trying to fit a
    LOT into a two day convention. Go to an international
    unicycle event and things sem to start even eariler than at
    a UK one tho. Tough at Unicon 11 when we were staying 30
    miles from the event centre and had to get there in time for
    a 9am start to the marathon. Werid at Unicon 10 when I heard
    my name being called for a race while I was still waking up
    in my room, dashed over the road, did the race then went and
    had breakfast and it still wasn't 9am.


    sarah.miller - unicycist
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    that, my friend, is an awesome tattoo. is it yours?



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    tennisgh22 wrote:
    > *that, my friend, is an awesome tattoo. is it yours?
    > -grant *
    Thanks, yes. It is a 24" Schwinn, the unicycle on which I
    learned to ride.

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