How Good Is Cycling For Weight Loss?

Acid Spit

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May 15, 2015
Hi, everyone! I am wondering, is there any study done that shows how good cycling can be for losing weight? Any stories or anything? I'm really curious! Of course, I would also love hearing your stories if you've got a weight loss story thanks to cycling!
I have been avidly cycling about 200-300 miles a month for the past two and a half, maybe three months and have dropped thirty-six pounds. I'm mostly disciplined with low fat, medium carb, high protein diet but I have a cheat day or two every here and there.
I allowed myself to get up to 254 lbs. I am now 218. My ideal body weight is about 195-200.
I would recommend frequent shorter duration rides. Something like ten to fifteen miles a day four or five times a week. I don't see as much weight loss when I ride my 26 mile or 50 mile outings. In fact I put on eight pounds after the fifty for some reason.
Find your resting heart rate and then learn what your target heart rate is for maximum effectiveness fat burning.
I should mention that I ride a mountain bike on a paved trail. So I burn slightly more calories than a roadie would. Intentionally.

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