How hard should you push yourself in a race as a beginner runner?

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  1. I went for a practice race and ran 5 minute kilometers versus 7 minute
    kilometers I do in practices by myself. I guess doing this increases
    your chances of injury. I pushed myself right to the max where it was
    very painful to breath and it seemed impossible to keep going. If I
    dont push myself, I am going to do quite poorly in the running portion
    of the duoathalon.

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    Its recommended to do a "hard" run every week or every other week.
    For many people runing hard in a race is great way to do it.
    If you were doing this every day or several times a week you
    might invite injury.
  3. Well, i can walk today which is a good sign. I never realized you could
    do this. I didnt experience any pain during the run.
  4. you can do a hard run but you cant go full steam. you still have to be
    at a conversational level. at least that is what the book says.
  5. On 28 Mar 2006 10:28:28 -0800, [email protected] wrote:

    >. at least that is what the book says.

    I wrote that book.
  6. this has been 3 days and i still cant run because i hurt my shins
    running like a madman. why wont i ever learn!