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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Phillip Johnson, May 30, 2003.

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  1. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night.

    I've recently got myself into a state of indecision over a small issue regarding my impending bike
    purchase and would appreciate a voice or two of reason...

    I'm a Smallish Road Racer (63 Kg) who has spent the last three season suffering ( AND I mean
    suffering ) in the German Amateur divisions on my trusty old campag equipped Steel 853 steed.
    Earlier this year I made the fatal mistake of going into my local bike shop and casually lifting the
    latest greatest wippy doo daa Aluminium/Scandium whatever bike expecting nothing in particular...
    but instead being knocked sideways by how light the bike was ( 2.5-3 Kg lighter than my race bike )
    and since then my sleep has been disturbed by thoughts of such a bike.


    There are two frame choices available to me from the bike shop I will probably buy from.

    A Dedacciai SC61.10A frameset which is suitable for "general" usage.


    A lighter Dedacciai EM2 frameset which is only "intended for competitive" use.

    Now I will only use my new bike "For competitive use" as I have two steel bikes that eat up miles
    and beg for more, but that phrase still makes me thoughtful. Just how compromised is the durability
    of these framesets?? I expect a 2/3 year life span, is even that asking too much?.

    Does anyone have experience of tubing from one of the two above and can maybe shed light as to
    whether the 150 gram weight saving of the EM2 tubing is worth the ( substantial ?? ) sacrifice of


    Phillip Johnson

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.