How long do you usually power train daily?


Apr 21, 2016
I usually do about 40-60 minutes during training, and I'm pretty much just a newbie in this game. I was wondering what more experienced cyclists do in their power training? How long per day, and are there any special things you do before or after training to make it easier?
Fury, congratulations on training with power. It was one of the best moves I made in getting the most out of limited training time. Also, it's not clear to me what you are asking.

Are you saying that you train for longer durations and that 40-60 minutes of that training is with a power meter?

Are you asking how someone structures a workout using power metrics?

As far as "special things" go, that's probably going to be pretty individualistic. For me, the more intense the workout, the longer the warm up. The converse is also true in that when going out for a long endurance ride my warm up might only a few minutes. Afterwards I need to stretch. As an older cyclist I've found that time and effort dedicated to "structural maintenance" is critical to my well being.

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