How long does it take.


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Jul 31, 2012
Newbie here.
I recently got back into biking after about 18 months off and am having trouble with my knee and building intensity.

From the very start i have been getting a bit of patellofemoral pain syndrome (or at least i think thats what it is)
But it seems to be getting better every week.

I am at the stage now where if i jump on the trainer for an hour keeping my heart rate down all is good and i dont feel any pain.
Although once i step out my front door the starter gun fires and im off like a shot. I feel strong while im riding on the road and love to power up hills, but i pay for it for the rest of the day with knee cap pain (although it only appears once i sit down).

I do the odd spinervals workout indoors and weirdly enough it doesnt seem to cause me pain.
In my town where i ride there is hills everywhere so as soon as im out my front door i have to climb.

I have been back into riding for about a month and a half now and am anxious to smash myself without the after effects.
How long should i be expecting to build up enough to be able to do that.
Or should i just concentrate on turning the legs over for a while so they get used to it.


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Feb 3, 2008
Check your saddle height. Sometimes pain at the front of the knee is caused by having a saddle that's too low. That you only get the pain in your knee when going hard and staying seated there might be something too that...

Don't guess when it comes to knee issues. If you end up catching the cycling bug you'll undoubtedly end up spending too much money. Do yourself a favor and if the pain persists, go get it checked out by someone that has a clue. Even if you go to an expensive place in a big city you'll only be looking at $100. In equipment terms that's not even two good tires...