How Long Is The Seatpost Sleeve In Lemond Victoire?


New Member
Feb 17, 2010
I've got a Lemond Victoire 53 cm frame that I was told was a 2002 model. Does anyone know how long the sleeve that is installed in the seatpost should be? I measure mine as about 2.75" from the top of the seat tube. Does that seem like the right length? It seems a little shorter than on some of my other bikes.

I suggest you to try looking up the length online or try to find a local bike store that can help you out.
I've looked all over online and can't find this. This is not information that someone is likely to have in a database. I was hoping to find someone that has this frame or experience with it that could help. I am planning on checking with our local Trek dealer but again, I doubt anyone there will really know given that is a pretty old frame. I also have an email in to Trek customer service but they are backlogged.