How long should a chan  last?  



How long is a chain expected to last?

If I keep it clean and oiled I assume it will last longer, also could I expect a good quality chain like dura-ace to last longer than say a 105 chain?
::) im not actually sure of a figure but i can tell u this.
just recently my bike chain (which has done 5400 km)
one of the links was falling apart! the pin was coming out
i heard a funny noise and finally figured out it was the chain
i got it fixed by waking the pin back in, but might get another chain anyway though it seems to be fine

so id say check the chain every 5,000 k
what do you guys think?
Depends on your ride style. If you mash big gears all the time, the chain will wear out quickly. If you just ride around town it will last for years. I get about a season out of a chain (3000 miles). The DA chains do wear quicker than the 105. It is a price you pay to save a couple of grams.
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I’d say 5000km – 10,000km would be about the average I get. Its important to replace your chain well b4 it stretches to much because once this happens it really starts to chew through your cassette and chain rings. I’ve still got the origional dura ace chain rings that came with my bike (cranks broke/cracked yonks ago!) I wouldn’t be surprised if my chain rings have done over 50,000km.

I guess you should consider the chain the weak point in the drive chain.
call me crazy, but I replace my chain every 2000 - 2500 miles (3200 - 4000 km). as someone else said, replacing a chain frequently is better than replacing your cassette and chain rings. keeping your chain clean and lubed is important, too. a dirty, gritty chain will eat up your cogs and rings.

also, I run an ultegra chain rather than dura-ace. weighs the same (304g) and costs 15 - 20% less. since it weighs the same, maybe its the same material...just says hg92 rather than da.

i would think that if you run a $50 connex (wipperman) stainless steel chain, you should get higher mileage.

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