How long should rings/crankset last?


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Jul 30, 2012
I bought a 2012 GT Karakoram 1.0 a few months ago and I've put about 600 miles on my bike. The shop is telling me the three rings on the crankset need to be replaced. The crankset is a[SIZE= 12px] [/SIZE]FSA Gamma Drive Mega Exo 42/32/24T, and the two smallest rings are steel. The shop suggested I'm probably hard on cranksets. The crankset on the bike I've just replaced with the Karakoram is a Shimano with a steel granny ring and two aluminum rings. It at least 3000 miles on it and appears in good shape. The crankset the Shimano replaced was an original for my previous bike and it lasted several thousand miles. Doesn't it seem to be way too early to be replacing the entire crankset? Especially considering my previous record with cranksets. Does FSA have a quality issue? Did I get a bum set? Is there an issue with the GT bike or is there any other explanation for the short life of this crankset?

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