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    I am pretty new to the off road bike scene, and i was wondering how many calories i can roughly expect to burn from doing the following activities. These are activities i do very regularly. I am male 24 years old, 5 foot 11 inch and weigh about 180lbs.

    5 miles moderate road cycling

    15 miles moderate road cycling

    60 miles highway cycling

    20 miles heavy off road use (dirt tracks, mountains & peaks, steep inclines etc)

    I would really appreciate any advice as i have been curious as to what kind of calorie loss i generate from these activities.

    I must also add that my bike is a heavy dual suspension and weighs in at 30kg so not sure if that makes a big difference.

    The reason i am asking this is because i have lost about 25lbs in 3 weeks which seems alot and i am not sure if it is becasuse of biking burning calories or a more sinister health problem. If i new cycling was buring huge calories i could put my mind at rest.


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    My rule of thumb is 35kcal/mile for 'urban' start-stop cycling, which seems roughly consistent with rates of weight loss vs kcals consumed that I've seen when i've gone all obsessive-compulsive with excell when dieting. Massive amounts of noise in my data there though.
    If anyone has any better means of calculating kcals, let me know ..

    As it's based mainly on air-resistance it's more difficult to estimate kcals vs distance . I think you largely get the weight vs gravity back on the downhills (a bit less because you're faster downhill?) I've seen tables that estimate it along these lines..

    <15mph: approx 20kcal/mile.
    15-18mph: approx 30kcal /mile
    >20mph: approx 40kcal /mile

    I think it's better to think in terms of time & intensity rather than distance for estimating kcals ?

    Your calorie deficit:
    25lbs/3weeks = ((25/2.2)kg * (7000kcal/kg))/(3*7 days)
    = 3787kcal / day
    for me: that would be = approx 108 miles/day .. then again you describe a heavier bike+rider combo + suspension.

    still sounds unlikely.. Even if you were burning double per mile thats still 50miles a day. Then again I beleive TDF riders cover 100miles a day in training. (i certainly couldn't !)

    I've seen as much as 3kg in 'noise' from one end of the week to the other (weekends of massive binge-drinking nights out -> dehydration etc -> getting back into a fitness regime in the week etc) .. but noise like that evens out when plotted over a period of weeks.