How many miles have you ridden in 24 hours?


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Nov 6, 2005
I hope I am posting this in the right section first off and sorry if not. I am riding in a charity ride this Friday it is a 24 hour event they close off a 3 mile loop and you ride as much as you want every time I have done this ride in the past I have ridden at night rode a century and left this year I would like to stick it out as long as I can and see what kind of mileage I can put down. I was just wondering what is a reasonable goal? I know it will vary for people but for someone who races and rides though out most of the week. I was also wondering if anyone had any suggestions like what to do the week before the race to get ready, what to do in-between breaks and how long to rest off the bike because they will have tents available to get a few Zzzzzs if needed, any help is much appreciated.
I have ridden 2-3 long distance events. The maximum amount I have ridden is 200 miles in a 24 hour period. Then again, I have a friend who did 380 miles the same day. It depends to a large extent on the type of training you do.The biggest difference in riding /racing for 24 hours is maintaining a consistent average speed. Start out slower than you are used to riding and increase your speed every other lap. Another place where you lose time is time off the bike. Stagger your rest breaks in such a way that you take the most time off between 2 and 4 O' clock in the morning. Third, most importantly, keep warm as losing body heat locks your muscles and tires you faster