How Many Recumbent Cyclists Do We Currently Have?

I live near a cycle shop that sold bike E recumbents although I see many other brands as well. I belong to a bike co op, and bought my cousins old bike E after he moved away. I think he has another where he lives now.
Hi, I have a Bike E FX that I ride on a regular basis in Godley, Tx. I’ve always wanted a USS recumbent and am looking to buy a Haluzak Horrizon highbred race. Anyone on here still ride one? Your experience?
Thanks, Daryl Corle
The prostratebicycle can be the most excellentmooaffect way of workout for you. Logical research has found that for losing weight you would like to burn more calories than you expend. ... By standard pedaling on the recumbent bike, you'll be able lose 500 calories per day. Which meansyou'll be able lose 3500 calories per week.
I was wondering if there were any other recumbent cyclists currently? as of 2015

I'm one for starters with an ICE Adventure 26 custom build. It has a Rohloff hub, its a folder (may be useful if I even get to the point of putting it in the car) and is a tadpole trike in blue.

ICE is a British company, which for me is useful, but there are not a lot of recumbents in the UK and even fewer recumbent trikes.

Generic picture - I'm still in the process of customising it. I have only had it 3 weeks and so far covered 100 miles in my rehab on it.

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