How many unicyclists in your school?

Discussion in '' started by Lucas1wheel, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Lucas1wheel

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    Ok so I have tought 16 people in my school to the ability that they can
    free mount and ride and some of them a bit more, but how many
    unicyclers are there in your school, is there a school anywhere where
    like every one can ride one badly?

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  2. ntappin

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    Counting me there are 6 that own and ride unicycles that I know of,
    there are also two more that can free mount and go about 4-5 revs. Both
    of which learned instantly and one of whom learned by jump mounting a
    24" with a seat post that was too high for him.

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  3. James_Potter

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  6. Jerrick

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    im teaching about 5 ppl right now, one of my techers can still ride, my
    friend daniel can ride, and me.

    So 3 can ride, and i got some in the process.

    At my old highschool, Mike can ride, and hes gotten like 4 ppl there
    that i know of, so all together there is about 8ish =p


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  7. trials_uni

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    im in a class of my own im the only one wh0 can do it:)... but it
    sucks...i have kno one to ride with:(


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  11. sparrowhawk

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    Me and a guy who dosent do it annymore :( hes in my form so i still
    talk to him about unicycling and the amasing skillz i see in this forum
    ;) :)


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  12. apadoxhr

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    i am the only guy in my entire country and around my country ( Croatia,
    Europe 20000000 ppl )that can do some freestyle street trials on uni

    not counting jugglers


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  13. KcTheAcy

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  14. lucky_8

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    a girl that i don't really know because i tryied to talk about
    unicycles top her and she walked away=2
    one friend(can't even freemount)=3
    another friend like the last one=4
    i think i have tought one or two more but i don't know


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  15. onebyone

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  18. edsbelly

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    I have gotten a few poeple into unicycling in the local township.

    My mate, Max got me into it, he's my hero :D (max_pfeifer)

    at school there's

    Josh (onewheelnatural)
    Brownboy (brownboy13)
    Jake (Jake_amos)
    Chris H (chris_heritage) - the unicyclist formerly known as
    Lauren (xo_laurz)

    i think that's about 6

    There's also
    my sister
    Lauren's sister

    i think t hat's it, i've lost count.

    There's a few people looking for unicycles.

    The kilmore unicycling club has about 12 regulars in a town of no more
    than 3,000

    i think that's pretty good.



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