How much difference does a good bike make?



Thanks everyone for your advice on this. I have been out today and bought a
bag to sit on top of the pannier rack. Also trimmed down to the bare
essentials so hopefully will notice the difference. Or I can already - just
lifting the bike is a lot easier now, and feels nice to have balanced
weight, instead of a big heavy pannier on the one side, as I used to have

Dave Larrington

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Simon Brooke <[email protected]> tweaked the Babbage-Engine to tell us:

> Brakes are better now; gear changers are better now. Frames are
> lighter, and carbon fibre is lovely material. But a good
> twenty-year-old bike is still a good bike.

Loafing at the World of Water control on yesterday's Canterbury Bash 200.

a. That's Steve Abraham's bike[1], isn't it?
b. Yes. Made in 1961, I think.

This makes it rather older than Steve himself.

1 - unbadged steel frame, fixed.

Dave Larrington
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Simon Brooke

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[email protected] ('[email protected]') wrote:

>> the bike I use at the moment is an old Peugeot, pale green effort with
>> Reynolds 531 tubing, and is probably at least 20 years old. I use it
>> mainly

> I f it's one of these you need not worry about the frame at least.

Oh! Lust! I /so/ wanted a drillium chainset!

Yes, that's a classic.

[email protected] (Simon Brooke)

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