How much does your bike cost?

You are the engine. ...... The most important part of a bike are the legs connected to the pedals and the spirit driving those legs.

I agree with this. Some people think they can buy success. For example, the insane drive to cut weight on bikes (like double the price and go from 18# to 16#), when all we need do is diet for a week or two and lose twice as much ourselves! I'm no hammer myself, but I love to play with the minds of the trendy crowd for time to time. When I am out for a leisure cruise on my old trek 200 rail trail bike (199 new, but I did trick it out a little after I got it) and some dolled up guy goes by in a crouch at 20 mph on his new Lemond or Felt, I love to crank up at 105, shift and paceline with him. It freaks them out to see me sitting upright and staying with them, fat tires and all :)

For road rides, I have a 1986 Trek Pro 560, that I paid 250 for (Has a mix of DA, Ultegra and Superbe). It weighs 18 # and I can keep up with anyone at least for a while on it.
I bought a 2004 litespeed bella for $1400 on ebay, in stores it runs for $2300--so not only do i think i got a good deal but i love my bike. I love the way it feels and that is why i bought it not the components or anything else. It was the bike for me. :D
$7000, approximately. But not at all pretty--no paint, head tube badges, decals, etc. Purely functional.

(And someone needs to fix that poll to go beyond a mere $5000. I was looking at a bike today that cost $11,600. Just looking, that's all. Definitely not buying.)
bikeshop said:
Ive found that stock bikes on this level are easily as good as any exotic dream machine mix of components one can conjure up.
I do not disagree, but my bike is no "exotic dream machine mix of components." It is merely custom-built 6/4 titanium with full Campy Record. For all practical purposes, excluding the custom sizing I require, it is only a stock bike.
1600 for a specialized roubaix elite.Fell down taking off from curb on a very steep hill forgot I was in a very high gear after interupting a descent to check on another rider.Felt like a total idiot .lol.
I just read the first page of this thread...and I'm grinning so big from all the bickering/fussing/cussing on that one page. All the rich boys are justifying to the poor boys, and all the poor boys are playing down the rich boys. Same game everywhere ya go...whether ya talking bikes, motorcycles, cars, or cell phones...

Anyways, I've bought what I've found to be the best for my much? total value of my current ride is @ $1800. What did I spend to get there? can't imagine...I've bought, traded and sold many of the pieces, so I know I lost money, gained money, and broke even quite a few times.

Buy what you can afford. My mountain bike has the best components I can afford (XT, RaceLite, UST, etc.), but it takes a BEATING...I'm 210-215 and 6'3", so it can't poke along a bike path and not feel it...I also have a road bike with some killer components (Mavic wheels, Campy shifters) but I pinched when I bought other stuff...

I like it ALL: cheap, expensive, FREE, middle-of-da-road...
I brought mine from a local paper for £25 or $40. a good starter 1980 ammaco monte carlo road bike. Cleaned it up and painted with hamerite and it looks good as new.
I recently traded in my $700 road bike on a $2000 LeMond Buenos Aires. A car driver paid for it, though, when she mangled my bike while making an illegal left turn. Words like willful negligence with complete disregard for life and property coupled with some shouts of "OUCH!!" helped them decide that I really did need a better bike. I would have been happy just having my old bike repaired until the first words out of her mouth were, "You bike riders shouldn't be on the road!" It was only then that I decided that an upgrade was in order.
My trek 1000 ('05) cost me about $600. I've only been riding for about 3 weeks total (Took me 20 minutes to learn :D). I think its an awesome road bike for someone like me.
I paid 200.00 for my Hybrid Marin , and I have had more fun and more trips on this beauty , than any other , Ive owned

Gonna buy a Trek Pilot in the Spring

Cant wait

JP in Canada
03 Fuji Marseille
Steel 18.8 pounds stock
All Ultegra with a Ritchey crank
$1051 New
Uhmmm, where is the $5,000+ option?

This may have already been brought up, but didn't read the whole thread.

Anywho, my roadie is an IF Ti Crown Jewel built with Campy Record. My mtb is a Santa Cruz Superlight and my cross bike is a Redline Conquest.
I posted earlier and said I had a $400.00 Nishiki Century.:(


TREK 1500:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I am getting sized for one tommorow and it should be here in about a week.:D
I am paying $1049 for it:D
i got it discounted from my team for $1800 but would nowmally cost over $5000 and then i bought mavic cosmic carbones for $1300
My bike was free - a 10 yr old steel (very light and high quality) framed bike which I put new wheels and seat onto, new cluster and handle bar tape. I ride it heaps, it's comfy, as light as most modern bikes, doesn't look like a modern one as has the older thin tubes but I can beat most blokes half my age and younger on most rides I do. It's the quality of rider and the engine inside that counts. Other riders may not talk to you or look sideways at your bike but when you get to the hills or 2 or 3 hrs into a ride that's when the rider counts. If you want to be good with your money- ride and drive the cheapest bike your ego can afford!!
I use four different bikes depending on the reason for the ride. My regular commuter is a 2004 Fuji Shangri-la beach cruiser ($350.00 Cdn). I also have a customized trike for shopping ($700.00 Cdn). I also have a customized 20" chrome lowrider ($900.00 Cdn, with all the accesories) and I now have a Giant Stiletto chopper ($600.00) both for showing-off, pleasure biking and sometimes commuting to work.
I ended up paying 2800 for my kestrel talon i am in love with that bike because when I bought it i thought the word of it and i still do. If you are going to pay that much for a bike you need to like everything about it:cool:
Cyclist14 said:
I posted earlier and said I had a $400.00 Nishiki Century.:(


TREK 1500:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I am getting sized for one tommorow and it should be here in about a week.:D
I am paying $1049 for it:D
hey dan i think that you better like everything about that bike because you thought that you loved the shiki but i guess that i was wrong:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: