How much is my bike worth?! 650c/700 combo, 43cm, custom road bike...


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Jul 14, 2011
Apologies if this is the wrong thread!

I'm looking to sell my bike - it was custom built for me by a friend. I unfortunately don't know too many of the specs. The frame has been newly powder coated, the fork is carbon fiber.. otherwise, I really can't offer my potential buyers much more information.

It's a 43cm, which seems rare - the 650c/700 wheel combo is also rare, from what I understand. Given that the bicycle: 1) Is in great condition 2) Is in the Portland, OR, bicycle lovin' market, where there are currently now 42cm-44cm bicycles on craigslist 3) Unfortunately, has little history/make information... how much should I charge?

Thank you so much for your help. I know this is very little information to go on, but I'm completely at a loss as to how much to charge.



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Dec 14, 2006
Your right, there is a lot going against you since you don't know the history of the frame. Frame material matters to a lot of people. It looks to be a fixed gear so you have cut your potential customer base by a lot there. I cannot even venture a guess. What you probably should do is get in touch with your friend and ask them. If this is not an option, take it to your Local Bike Shop and ask them.