How much less is a "past-year" bike worth?


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May 11, 2014
Hi, I'm looking to buy a carbon synapse. A store about an hour from me has a 2012 Carbon 6 synapse for $1635 ($1800 CAD) while a 2014 version is $2229. I was original planning to buy a 2014 Carbon 5 (slightly less nice but still 105 components), which costs $1999 CAD but am wondering if it's a good deal to get the older bike. Thanks,
That sounds about right. In shops around here a 25-40% discount on a year old and well demo'd bike is typical.
Cannondale re-vamped the Synapse frames for 2014. They have received consistent rave reviews, and a lot of frame sizes sold out this spring. That's a factor that you have to consider, the new and improved frame. With the high demand, though, you're very unlikely to get a decent discount on a 2014. If you have a chance to test ride the 2012, and a 2014, you should. If the difference in the frame isn't apparent, then go with the cheaper one. It's still a very good frame, IMO.

I have the 2014 carbon 6, which is mostly 105. In the US, the 6 is lower spec'd than the 5. I wanted the 5, but I went with the 6 because the dealer had my size in stock, and the 5 was sold out and wouldn't be available until July at the earliest. The difference between the two 105 versions: Tiagra vs 105 brakes, slightly heavier wheels, and a house brand saddle instead of the Prologo. The one that matters most is the brakes. The Tiagra brakes are the worst that I've ever ridden. Worse than Tektro. The saddle was a pleasant surprise, though.
FWIW. I probably wouldn't recognize one Cannondale from another ...

A 2012 is a three year old bike in just a couple of weeks ...

So, I would figure on about 60% +/- of the MSRP being a "fair" price.

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