How much pain is involved in doing a grimpeur Audax ride

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by vernon, Sep 6, 2005.

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    David Martin wrote:

    > > You misunderstand. The route has not been assessed for AAA due to it
    > > being too much faff for the organiser. (No criticism intended, he is a
    > > nice guy who runs excellent events well.) I have offered to measure
    > > things up but want to know how Peter wants that data for verification
    > > that the AAA points are justified.

    > Just completed the measurement. There is a 104km stretch with 1682m
    > climbing. That is twice the average bumpiness of a 100km ride in UK.
    > Overall height gain is 2900 in 205km which isn't enough for any points
    > if averaged over that distance.

    I'm not sure how points are arrived at where the total climb is less
    than the qualifying figure; are they still awarded in the same way? my
    ride apparently used to have more points but they changed the rules.
    The formula is the definitive way of working it out, the graphs are
    just a ready reckoner. You submit the route to Peter marked on a map;
    he must either count the contour lines or take your word for it. Would
    be pleased to know what Peter has to say.

  2. vernon

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    > That route doesn't look toooooo severe and it's really, really pretty.
    > Basically you have White Horse Bank (hard), and then the ride round

    > which is hilly but so pretty you won't notice.

    Thats quite a valid point. In Scotland on my LEJOG ride some of the climbs
    diminished by the scale of the surrounding mountains and it was only by
    looking back
    down the climb when I could judge how much climbing I'd done.
    > After you get to hutton le hole that's all the real climbing done
    > I'd say you're well capable of doing it. It's probably easier than
    > the CTC ride from the York Rally that you did.

    I'll not forget that ride in a hurry :) I have much lower gearing now and
    may well
    get around without dismounting but still prefer to avoid the mental anguish
    wondering if I am going to run out of steam befor the summit.

    I hope to get a couple more 100's slotted in before the end of the year and
    then keep
    things ticking over with some shortish rides.

  3. vernon

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    > After the LEJOG business, I reckon you'll be fine. Just don't go at it

    > hard.

    There will *never* be any danger of that ;-)