How much Plutonium can you eat?

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  1. I eat lots of Plutnnium and gives a healthy glow.

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    Adam Ben Nalois writes:

    > I eat lots of Plutnnium and gives a healthy glow.

    The chemical toxicity of plutonium has not been determined, but it is likely to be toxic in a way
    similar to that of other heavy metals such as lead or mercury.

    Generally, plutonium is more of a hazard because of its radioactivity. It is an alpha-emitter with
    an extremely long half-life (29,000 years for Pu-239). The alpha particles are not very energetic
    and travel for only an extremely short distance in living tissue, but they can provoke degenerative
    changes in the tissues that absorb them, including malignancies. Here again, though, the
    carcinogenic potential of plutonium has not been assessed. There is some evidence to indicate that
    it may not be the extreme hazard that it has generally been supposed to be.

    Given the current state of knowledge about the biological effects of plutonium ingestion and the
    lack of any known beneficial effect thereof, it's probably best to avoid eating it.

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