How secure is your approved lock?


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Jul 18, 2007
This is your info, ever wondered how cycles get stolen, regardless if you use approved security products tested by Sold Secure and Thatcham?

Also Search for Captain cropper on youtube!

The tools used, were a pair of cable cutters costing around $50 and a pair of Irwin Record bolt croppers!

The goods were purchased by the producer (ITV's) Alex Nott, who asked us to come down and test the approved products sold to cyclists and bikers. Our findings were rather dramatic, using just simple tools as do the testing bodies we were able to breach stuff in seconds!

The truth is, the testing bodies care not about the thefts, they are concerned about themselves and the companies they protect who make millions selling this stuff.

I would like any cyclists, to get as many links of this footage on the forums to put pressure on the testing bodies to change their testing!

The documentary will be shown on the 24th of July 7.30pm GMT on ITV (London/South East) and Sky 993. Also watch out for it on youtube.

The truth is the approved products, on the whole are not going to last anywhere near as long as claimed! The Kryptonite fahgettoudit chain lasted just 11 seconds and the Abus Granit City Black X-Plus in just over half that time.

Many thanks for your time, this is not to scaremonger but to inform end users of the poor standards of nearly all insurance approved products