How should i sit on bike?


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Sep 16, 2003
There’s been books written about bike fit.
The most important part is good leg extension. To set saddle height, sit on saddle and put the heel on the pedal when it is at the lowest position. Now your leg should be pretty much straight. When pedalling, the pedal axle should be about 1/3 back from the tip of your toes, under the pad of your foot.
When riding, if you feel your hips rocking, the saddle is too high.
If you notice an urge to put the pedal in the arch of your foot, experiment with saddle fore-aft position.
Sep 30, 2017
Hi, am cycling daily for one hour but I want to know the proper sitting position.

Hope for the suggestion...[/QUOTE

I've been riding for more than sixty years and have my own method of setting up a bike.
The biggest piece of advice I can give you is that everything works together. Make one change and it affects everything else. For instance, raising the seat might necessitate getting a stem with more rise.
Start by leveling your seat. I put a board on top of my saddle and then put a level on that.
Another piece of advice I'd give you is the stem is an underrated component. They aren't cheap, but changing your stem might make all the difference in the world. If your stem is the wrong length or the wrong rise, you are never going to be comfortable.
Your seat moves forward and back. I like mine all the way back, but you might start with a more central position.
Changing the fore and aft position changes your reach to the pedals. Move it back and you might have to lower your seat. Move it forward and you might have to raise your seat.
Your leg should be bent a little when you are at the bottom of the stroke. I raise the saddle till I can't spin smoothly, in a low gear, or I start feeling tension in the tendons behind the knee, then back off a little. You are trying to find the highest position without causing problems in smoothness or stressing tendons.


Jul 13, 2009
Hi, am cycling daily for one hour but I want to know the proper sitting position.

Hope for the suggestion...

Hi there

Finding the proper sitting position on your bike is important for both comfort and performance. Here are a few basic principles to keep in mind:

  1. Comfort: Make sure you are able to reach the handlebars and brake levers comfortably without having to stretch. This will help reduce fatigue and prevent injury.
  2. Performance: Your hips should be slightly forward on the saddle, this will allow for optimal power transfer from your legs to the pedals.
  3. Bike fit: Get a professional bike fit to ensure that your bike is properly adjusted to your body. A bike fitter will be able to adjust your seat height, handlebar position, and more to ensure that you are in the most efficient riding position.
  4. Basic principles: Keep your back straight, core engaged and try to avoid slouching. This will help you maintain proper posture and reduce the risk of injury.
Overall, it is important to find a balance between comfort and performance. With the right bike fit and proper riding position, you'll be able to enjoy your daily rides and make the most of your cycling experience.


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Dec 7, 2022
  1. Basic principles: Keep your back straight, core engaged and try to avoid slouching.

I'm not sure I'm reading that right. I used to ride in such manner and it actually resulted to lower back injury when I started training at high intensity. I was doing it for a year and injured my lower back a few times despite doing stretching, warm ups, and cycling-oriented yoga.

What worked for me, is keeping my back relaxed and not even giving it a thought. It worked so well for me even in multiple high intensity sessions per day I no longer needed stretching, nor yoga to help relieve any pain nor soreness at my lower back. Because there is no more pain at all after these high intensity sessions.