How to add an image to your post.


Aug 11, 2001
Want to add an image to your post, but not sure how to go about it? Here's how...

On the page where you type your post, there are a bunch of buttons just above the smilies (it says Add YABBC tags next to the buttons). To post an image, click on the
button (second row of buttons, fourth button from the left). The following code will appear in your post:


Before you can add your image, you need to know what the full address of the image is.


Right-click on the cyclingforums image above and select properties. Under address URL it will say

Copy and paste the address into the image tag, like this:


There should be no spaces anywhere. Remember too that you cannot paste an image from your harddrive, it has to be an Internet address. (use something like Lycos to upload photos from your pc to the Internet, and then post them here).

If you experience problems or can't seem to get it right, post here and we'll help you out.
I'm thinking it might be a good idea to add something that would allow members to upload images to this server :)
OK what gives? I tried the

thing and it didn't work. Got the photo stored in my Yahoo Photo album but can't get it on the posting.....

Any ideas?
One thing that does concern me is the ? at the end of the adress.....
Some websites dont let people link to images which are stored on their server from another site which is outside of their network......maybe this is the case?